newborn pocket nappy Sunflowers


Diapers suitable for newborns are intended for use from birth until the baby is about half a year old. Diapers are good for babies weighing 2.3 kg to 8.2 kg. Of course, this information is indicative, because the most important thing is how the diaper fits around the child's legs.

An added bonus

The diaper comes with 2 additional bamboo suction cups.


The diaper cover is made of PUL fabric, the diaper content against the baby's skin is made of soft microfleece. 


In general, you can handle the content that comes with these diapers (ie no additional content is needed). If you want extra content just in case or your baby pees a lot, choose thin bamboo contents for newborn diapers. 

These diapers are especially appreciated by fresh parents, so they are also ideal as a gift for a cat.