Terms of Sale

Terms of Sale

Valid from 06.01.2020

When purchasing goods on opadii.ee you have entered into an agreement with Opadii OÜ under the conditions stated herein. Please read the terms carefully as they affect your rights and obligations.

From time to time, we also update our terms so that the service we provide meets your needs and interests. You have the right to download or print the terms below for later reference. If necessary, you may also ask Opadii for the terms that were in effect at the time of your agreement, using the contact information at the bottom of the terms.


Opadii - seller of goods/service provider Opadii OÜ (registry code 114444338);
Customer - the buyer of the goods/service recipient, who completes his order by adding his personal data in the e-shop. The individual customer confirms being at least 13 years of age when placing the order;
Online store - Opadii’s online store on opadii.ee website through which products are sold to the customer.

Goods and prices

Product information is presented in the online store right next to the goods. The products named in the online store are immediately available to an Opadii customer. Other so marked products are available by pre-order according to the information accompanying the goods.

All prices quoted in the online store are in euros and include VAT. Prices do not include delivery fees.

Opadii has the right to terminate the contract if the price of the goods in the online store is mistakenly indicated materially below the market price.

Making the purchase

To make the purchase, customer has to select products from the online store and add them to the shopping cart, fill in the required data fields, and select a suitable delivery method.

Subsequently the amount of payment is provided on the screen which can be paid using the following payment options:

Payments are mediated by Maksekeskus AS or Stripe (according to the customer’s choice during the placement of order). Payment is executed outside the online store is a safe environment – in case of payment by bank link in the system of the relevant bank, and in case of credit card in the system of Maksekeskus AS or Stripe. Opadii has no access to the bank or credit card information of the customer.

The contract takes effect and Opadii shall ship the goods to the customer once the payment has been received by Opadii.

Delivery of the goods

Customer can choose between the following delivery methods:

- parcel locker. Opadii shall deliver the goods to the postal service provider (Itella, Omniva or other provider) as soon as possible but not later than in two working days after receiving the payment;

- self pick up. Opadii will deliver the goods to the customer as soon as possible but not later than in two working days after receiving the payment;

Information about the postal service provider(s) is available during the placement of the order. By default the postal service provider delivers the goods to the customer in two (but no later than in 5) business days from handing the goods over to the postal service provider.

The customer will pay for the delivery under the price and other terms stated in the order. Take a look at the shipment terms at glance also from here. When ordering goods outside the named countries please contact Opadii for finding the best solution.

If the execution of the order becomes impossible, for example, due to a technical malfunction in the online store, or if an Opadii partner has unexpectedly stopped delivering the item, Opadii shall contact the customer to find the best solution. Such solution might for example take the form of replacement of the item, extended delivery time or refund. In case of the latter, Opadii shall refund the customer free of charge (including the cost of delivery for the postal service provider) within 14 days from contacting the customer.

Withdrawal before delivery

Should the customer wish to withdraw from the contract after the invoice has been paid but before Opadii ships the goods, the customer has to notify Opadii immediately by email. The email must include the number of the respective order and customer's contact information (first name, last name, phone number), and the date the order was placed.

Should the withdrawal notice be received by Opadii after the delivery of the goods, the refund shall take place according to the section “Withdrawal after delivery”.

Opadii shall refund the customer for the goods in 14 days after receiving the application for the refund to the same bank account from which Opadii received the payment.

Withdrawal after delivery

The customer who has purchased the product from the online store has the right to return it within 14 days.

Returned goods must be non-defective, complete, in their original packaging and unused. The customer is allowed to inspect the goods under the same conditions and practices as are considered good practices in physical stores.

To return the product, the customer has to send a respective request to Opadii by email indicating the number of the order, the name of the product being returned and the reason for withdrawal, and send the item together with the original packaging to Opadii's postal address.

When returning the product customer may choose whether to return the product and receive (a) a refund, or (b) 110% of sales credit in the Opadii online store to purchase other available products. The whole credit needs to be used for one order which means dividing the credit for multiple orders is not possible. Request for the credit needs to be included in the withdrawal application.

Opadii shall refund the customer the cost for the goods no later than in 14 days after returning the product to the same bank account from which the payment was received by Opadii, or if applicable, Opadii shall send the customer personalized voucher for using the sales credit on its next purchase.

The transportation cost for returning the product(s) shall be borne by the customer.


Opadii's liability is limited to the sales price of the product ordered unless otherwise provided by law.

Opadii shall not be liable for any consequences of inaccurate information provided by the customer or any other customer activity.

Dispute resolution

Disputes arising under this contract shall be settled by agreement between the parties. Complaints should be submitted to Opadii's e-mail address info@opadii.ee. Opadii responds to the customer within 14 days.

In the event an amicable settlement cannot be reached, a consumer can resolve the dispute at The Consumer Protection and Technical Regulatory Authority. For more information visit their website or call 6201 920; e-mail: info@ttja.ee. All consumers also have access to the online platform in the European Union to deal with complaints from e-traders. See http://ec.europa.eu/odr for details.

Any disputes arising out of the contract which cannot be resolved shall be settled in Harju County Court.

Applicable law

The contract shall be governed by Estonian law (including the right to file a complaint or claim) unless the law provides otherwise.


Should you have any questions regarding Opadii’s goods, services or terms of sale, please contact us.

Opadii OÜ (14444338)
Serva tee 8, 74018 Kelvingi, Harju County, Estonia
phone: 56871781
e-mail: info@opadii.ee

By default we receive calls on business days from 9 am to 5 pm (GMT+2), and reply to emails within 48h. There may be slight delays on holidays and weekends.

Thank you for going through the Opadii Terms of Sale!