cotton/wool/silk blouse (bluish grey)


Luxurious and soft blouse made of certified organic cotton (45%), organic wool (35%) and silk (20%).

The fabric is very soft and light. Especially suitable for the little ones in the family, because it helps to regulate their body temperature. Merino wool clothes do not let the child feel cool even when his/her skin is a bit sweaty or wet. Cotton makes it suitable for kids who have sensitive skin or do not like to wear wool. Silk makes the feeling even softer and luxurious.

This blouse is the best first layer clothing for your child.
Wool clothing is breathable while maintaining a constant body temperature.

Additional bonuses
-The envelope collar makes it especially easy to change your baby's clothes, because you can pull the item off their shoulders. This way you don't have to pull it over your baby's head.
- short drying time.

Washing instructions
Wash wool as less as you can. Wool fibers are water and dirt repellent, and the lanolin in wool also makes wool antibacterial.

In most cases, aering your wool products is sufficient to remove odors or hang it in damp bathroom.
If you need to wash your wool product, we strongly recommend that you wash the product by hand with lukewarm water. Do not twist or rub it when washing, as this may damage wool products. When washing with a machine, be sure to use a wool washing program and low spinning.

Use products (such as wool shampoo) that treat wool fibers gently.

Made in: Germany
Certifications: GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard)
Material: Organic cotton /Organic merino wool / Silk
Washing instructions: Wool wash program 30 ° C

PS! Depending on your computer monitor and/or mobile device, some tones may be slightly distorted.