reusable bag Moonlight


Your investment in these bags goes a long way. It's your parenting all purpose bag. Designed for use with cloth nappies but its uses go way beyond that. Depending on the size of the bag they could be make up bag, 'no leak' sippy cups, for a child as a kindergarten slipper bag, or instead use them when going to a swimming pool to keep wet clothes dry on your way to home.


All bags have a zipper (medium-sized bag has two) and a hanging loop. The bag is made of waterproof PUL-fabric, but it is not leak-proof because there is no waterproof seam. 

Small: Dimensions 22cm x 27cm. A small bag that you can use for any occasion. Suitable for storing 1-2 diapers or damp cloths to clean a child's face when out and about. 

Middle: Dimensions 35cm x 40cm. The bag has two private pockets. Ideal for storing 6-7 diapers. Put swimwear, shoes, books, etc. in the bag that you want to protect from rain and moisture. 

Large: Dimensions 38cm x 55cm. Ideal for storing 10-12 diapers or dirty clothes. 


Fabric 100% polyester (with a polyurethane layer), which ensures the fabric's water resistance. The material is the same as that used to make the Baba+Boo nappies.


If you want to put a wet cloth or nappy in the bag, press as much water out of it as possible to prevent bag from leaking.