wool/cotton-fleece blanket


Extremely soft and practical blanket which you can use on a cool summer and / or winter evening at home or in a pram. 
Material and dimensions
60% merino wool and 40% cotton. Size of the blanket is 80 x 100 cm.

Washing instructions
Wash wool as little as possible. Wool fibers are water and dirt repellent, and the lanolin in wool also makes wool antibacterial.

In most cases, airing your wool products is sufficient to remove odors.
If you need to wash a wool product, we strongly recommend that you wash the product by hand with luke warm water. Do not twist or rub it when washing, as this may damage the wool products. When washing with a machine, be sure to use a wool washing program and low speeds.  

Use products (such as wool shampoo) that gently treat wool fibers, while not losing good qualities of wool.  

Made in: Germany
Certifications: GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard)
Material: Organic merino wool / Organic cotton
Washing instructions: Wool wash program 30 ° C

PS! Depending on the computer monitor and mobile device, some tones may be slightly distorted. For example, the pictures have a pink tint of gray wool, which is not the case in reality.